Business Opportunity for our Farmers and Shellfish Farms

From the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture, it sure would be great if Dennis could be featured somewhere in this facility!

Boston Public Market Seeks Vendor Applications

The Boston Public Market is now seeking local businesses interested in becoming permanent vendors at the planned indoor market on the Greenway expected to open in June of 2015. The market will showcase the variety and quality of food grown, produced, or caught in Massachusetts and throughout New England. Applications are due by May 9, 2014.

The indoor vending floor of the Market will accommodate up to 45 permanent growers and producers.  Businesses that educate their customers about their products and local food production, and those that represent the variety of interest and diversity of backgrounds within our community are encouraged to apply.

This new opportunity will offer prime retail space for local producers in the heart of Boston’s emerging Market District.  Located above the Orange and Green line Haymarket T station, the Boston Public Market enjoys high visibility and heavy foot traffic driven by North End, West End, and Beacon Hill residents, visitors, commuters and the more than 102,000 employees in the Financial District and Government Center.

There will also be an outdoor market running May-December located along the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway that can accommodate up to 20 additional vendors. The outdoor market is held to the same local sourcing standards as the permanent interior vendors, but is more flexible, leasing space by season or by month. The exterior market will launch in Spring of this year.

All vendors interested in leasing space must submit their ‘Intent to Apply’ by May 9 to or PO Box 52385, Boston, MA 02205. 

For more information please visit


Exit 9 Economic Center Zoning Discussion Kick-Off

On Thursday April 17th we will start the discussion regarding creating a zoning proposal for the land around Exit 9. The goal of this proposal is to create a comprehensive approach to redevelopment of this area with an eye towards managing traffic and waste water generated by the area.

During the review of Lowe’s the statement was made that this area was not appropriately zoned for mixed use activities. Not really sure how they arrived at that conclusion, but, this process will look at both development under existing zoning, as well as under a new zoning scheme.

At present the area comprises General Commercial III and Industrially zoned lands. The General Commercial III district uses include:

Consumer Services

While the Industrially zoned lands allow:

Consumer Services
Contractor’s Yards

Housing may even be possible in the Industrial Zoning District under Section 4.9 of the Dennis Zoning By-law. We have asked Town Counsel to review this.

Zoning setbacks in this area are generally 50 feet. Unfortunately, no one has built at this setback line. A simple change of approach, to make this a build-to line, for at least a portion of the site floor space would drastically change the look of the area. The 50 foot setback could then be transformed into an active pedestrian plaza. Current zoning actually allows for this.

As with all our zoning initiatives, this process will require creative thinking.

Heritage Sands – Beginning To Come Together

The new Seasonal Resort Community named Heritage Sands is beginning to come together.With as many as 50 local contractors working on the site each day, the new seasonal cottages are beginning to take shape.

First, the cottages arrive on flat bed trucks, looking like a caravan, ready to be assembled.

IMG_0199 (640x480)


IMG_0197 (640x480)

After footings and foundations are in place,

IMG_0191 (640x480) IMG_0211 (640x480) IMG_0216 (640x480)

Then the cottages are placed onto the foundations, secured into place, and siding installed.


IMG_0185 (640x480)

IMG_0192 (640x480)

The waste water system components are in the ground, and the building that will house the treatment plant is coming together.

IMG_0203 (640x480)IMG_0196 (640x480)

Still a few boundary fencing decisions to be made along the Longell Road boundary and getting some landscaping into place. But it is all coming together.

Right now there are 17 units spoken for from Phase I. Occupancy of the first units are targeted for late April.


The Cities Where Even 3 Minimum Wage Jobs Won’t Pay the Rent – Richard Florida – The Atlantic Cities

Based upon the state minimum wage of $8 per hour, and the 2010 median rent in Dennis of $905, it would take 2.17 jobs or working 87 hours per week at minimum wage to pay the rent on an apartment in Dennis. With the pending increase of the minimum wage in the state to $10 per hour, it would still take 1.74 jobs or 70 hours of work per week to afford an average apartment in Dennis.

The Cities Where Even 3 Minimum Wage Jobs Won’t Pay the Rent – Richard Florida – The Atlantic Cities.


Just Looking Over Some Numbers

Unemployment information from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development Division of Unemployment Assistance

.                                   December 2013            December 2012

Massachusetts                  6.7%                                 6.6%

Barnstable County           8.3%                                 8.3%

Dennis                                 9.1%                                  8.9%

In December 2013 there was 7,405 people reported as being in the labor force (down from 7,492 in December 2012). Of these people in 2013 there was 6,730 people working, and 675 people unemployed. One out of every eleven people in the labor force in Dennis was out of work in December 2013. For comparison, one out of every fifteen people were out of work in the Commonwealth and one out of every twelve people in the county was out of work in December 2013.