Unemployment Data


State unemployment data illustrates that Dennis is among the worst in the county when it comes to the portion of our work eligible residents out of work. Only Provincetown,  Truro and Wellfleet have higher unemployment rates.

Looking at the 12 month running average, Dennis fares slightly better with a 7.6% unemployment rate. We only trail the county by one percentage point on an annual basis,  but by 1.6% for the month of March.

The data clearly illustrates the seasonal nature of our local economy. 

How Rich and Poor Spend (and Earn) Their Money – Real Time Economics – WSJ

Dennis, and most of Cape Cod, has a high percentage of retirees as year round residents. Census data reviewed by the town for the recent housing summit reinforced the high percentage of income going towards housing costs for the retiree income group. Beyond the added burden of food for retirees, is the out of pocket costs for medical expenses. This analysis continues to illustrate the dire need we have to produce affordable housing.


Article: As Coworking Spaces Scale, Can They Keep Their Communal Vibe?

As Coworking Spaces Scale, Can They Keep Their Communal Vibe?


As we try to create more opportunities for our young professionals perhaps we need to consider promoting co-working opportunities. In the 80’s we called these business incubator spaces, they have come a long way since then. Maybe we need some special zoning consideration to let people know we are open to the idea.

Developers Fight Malibu Measure with Federal Lawsuit | Los Angeles Business Journal

This goes a bit farther than our Formula Based Business Bylaw.  The development approval by voter fiat is a bit questionable.  Turning every proposal into a referendum does not provide a clear concise development plan for a community. 

As to the chain store limits, we have been told a bylaw cannot favor local business over chain businesses.  This Malibu Ordinance clearly does that.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.