What Makes a Strong Village?

As I look over our planning efforts and the future efforts on the Local Comprehensive Plan, one thing that comes to mind is what makes our villages strong? Similarly, we can ask, how can we improve our villages that are not so strong? The Project for Public Spaces had one such discussion, and referred to it as The Power of Ten. Essentially, what they are saying is that a strong village is so due to the number of activities one can find in such an area. The greater number of activities, the more attractive and stronger a village becomes as people are drawn to the village and choose to stay or return to the village.


Many of the concepts in this article were items considered in the Dennisport and West Dennis Village Center projects. Both of these villages have some of the attractions, but to truly become strong villages, more is necessary. This article has truly intrigued me. I am going sit down over the next week or so and talk about these two villages in particular, but also some of the other areas in town. We clearly have strong villages (Dennis Village for instance) with clear identities and multiple focal points. I truly believe that Dennisport and West Dennis Village Centers can match Dennis Village and become strong villages with their own identities. I would love to get your feedback on what makes the economic village centers strong.


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