The Unemployment Picture – Redux

Another cross post on this important employment issue.

Once I get to thinking about something, additional questions arise. Looking back at the 2000 U.S. Census, the Town of Dennis had 4,607 households reporting to have had wage or salary income in 2000. This essentially represents the households that were in the work force. The people who would be most directly impacted by the reported unemployment rate, those that gave up looking for work, or have taken jobs at fewer hours or lower wages (the underemployed) – the “alternate rate” reported on by the NY Times article.

When you thing about the potential number of people impacted by the economic situation the impact becomes a bit more dire. If the 1,286 to 1,444 people out of work or under-employed, is spread equally across the working households would mean that between 28% and 31% of the working households in Dennis have been directly impacted by loss of, or a reduction in, the income of at least one worker.

Obviously the overall impacts will be far more dire for the household with only one wage earner or in a multiple wage earner household if two or more wage earners were impacted, but the impact of the loss of, or reduction in, earnings for any size household has significant implications.


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