Great Places – The Arts

As we move from the villages, to looking at the town as a whole, it becomes time to look at the broader attractions of Dennis.  As The Power of Ten discussion pointed out, Great Places have “sets of ten” that attract people to them.  Along with the three villages, Dennis has a tremendous number of other attractions that make the town a “Great Place.”  In this discussion I am going to focus specifically on the arts.

I was just reading about the impacts of the current economic crisis on the arts and state spending for the arts.  While I was aware of all of the many attractions Dennis provides artistically, from the numerous art galleries, to shows and musical opportunities, I still somewhat surprised by just how large an economic engine the cultural arts are for the region.  The referenced article points out that the arts generates $4.2 billion in spending statewide and $55.5 million here on the Cape.

In 2005 the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce commissioned a study which provided the following information:

Total Jobs

Artists & Artisans                   2,741

Cultural Organizations              556

Additional Indirect Jobs          1,301

Induced Jobs                             841

Total Jobs Directly Related to the Arts:  5,169

Expenditures were similarly reviewed and the total economic impact of the arts community on Cape Cod was $128,348,440 on Cape Cod.  Dennis plays a major role in these jobs and expenditures.  The town is home to the Cape Cod Center for the Arts which hosts the Cape Playhouse, the Cape Cod Museum of Art, and the Cape Cinema.  But in addition to this, the town hosts artists through-out the community.  We have painters, sculptors, glass blowers, community theater and a variety of musical venues.

The 2006 Census of Business found that there were 22 businesses located in Dennis with some form of involvement in the arts.  This constitutes 4.1% of the total employment establishments in town.   Sixteen of these establishments employ less than ten people (73%).

A brief review of what these artistic ventures add to the Great Places is illustrated by the highly successful Fall Arts Weekend, with over 140 events and the Christmas season Holiday Stroll.

A host of local art businesses including:

Around a Square Gallery

Baksa Studio

The Barn and Co.


Borsari Gallery Cape Cod

Boston Brass Works

Cape Cinema

Cape Cod Art Museum

Cape Cod Spinners Guild

Cape Playhouse

Dennis Arts and Cultural Council

Elizabeth Rowley Gallery

Eventide Arts

Fritz Glass

Gallery at 254 Sea Street

Grose Gallery

Harvest Gallery

Jerome Greene Fine Art

Leslie Curtis Antiques and Fine Design

Mill Stone Pottery


Scargo Pottery

Sola’ Gallery at Barry’s Barn

Starfish Craft Gallery

The Artist in You

The Artists Gallery

The Village Peddlar

Vintage Lizzie

Wilson Gallery

Winstanley-Roark Fine Arts

Waldo Moakley Studio

Yasheng Art Gallery

While this is a long list, it is not an exhaustive one.  If I missed your gallery, let me know and I will add you to the list.  But, as you can see, the arts make up a significant portion of the Dennis Economy.  The arts also bring people to the community from hear and far, and, now with the advent of the internet for art sales, the town’s art community has a worldwide market.


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