Will Smaller Houses Become a Trend?

I have been reading a lot recently, including this NY Times article about homes getting smaller.  Even the Romney’s appear to be downsizing.  This seems to be a trend to watch.  Will it happen in Dennis?  Currently we continue to have a number of raze and replace applications coming before the Dennis Board of Appeals.  In just about every case we are seeing a small cottage, cape or ranch being replaced with a larger structure.  The only exceptions are for the occasional structure that has already maxed out the sites development capability.  We are clearly not seeing homes being removed for smaller structures.

Promoting downsizing may not be a bad idea.  However, it would have to be approached carefully.  Downsizing should not simply accomplish more bedrooms on smaller lots.  However, if we were to approach particular properties with an eye towards empty-nester’s, there could be opportunities for increased property values, at higher densities, but smaller units.

Something to think about.


One thought on “Will Smaller Houses Become a Trend?

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