Community Assets Survey Results

I have now shut down the Community Assets Survey.  There were 66 responses, not bad for an unscientific internet survey.  The following illustrates what you thought were the important assets.

First, I attempted to aggregate the information for a more general overview.  As it turns out, the respondents overwhelmingly thought that our Beaches and Recreation areas were the most important town assets.  This was followed by our villages.  The results are really not that out of line with what I have been hearing for the past eight years.  Most of you tell me that our outdoor spaces are what make Dennis an attraction.  Often, the next item is always our historical heritage, which is clearly illustrated in our villages.


The top five assets, in order, were West Dennis Beach, Dennisport Village Center, Sea View Park, West Dennis Village Center and Bass River Park.  With the exception of West Dennis Beach, the other four areas listed have been at the top of the town’s agenda for the past several years.

The next grouping included the Dennis Public Library, Mayflower and Corporation Beaches and the Cape Cod Rail Trail.  These all received the same number of responses.  The final significant grouping was Dennis Village and Johnny Kelley Park.

Thanks for taking the time to respond, while not scientific, the survey still provides us with an idea of what people in town think about the community.


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