More Travel Tidbits

Here are a variety of travel expectations from various sources, with nearly 25% of the nation’s population within driving distance of Cape Cod, perhaps we won’t have as dire a year as other areas:

From TripAdvisor:

Seventy-three percent of U.S. respondents said they plan to visit a national park in 2009, up from 62 percent one year ago.

Fifty-three percent will go hiking in the coming year, up from 50 percent last year.

Thirty-three percent of travelers will go cycling and biking, up from 28 percent.

Sixty-one percent of travelers said the cost of fuel is an important consideration when choosing where to go on their next vacation.

Eighteen percent of respondents said they will take more car trips this year because of declining fuel prices.

Fifty percent said unfavorable exchange rates will prevent them from or limit their travel to Europe in the next 12 months.

Cole's Pond in Crowe's Pasture

Cole's Pond in Crowe's Pasture

From American Express:

Travelers are expected to return to destinations that they know and love in greater numbers. Not only is it a safe way to ensure an enjoyable vacation, it allows travelers to explore destinations more thoughtfully, while giving them a true sense of costs.

Expanding beyond this year’s “staycation” trend, travelers are expected to seek “closer to home”, affordable alternatives to overseas destinations.

On the flipside, both of these sights predict the “staycation” as remaining a popular option with TripAdvisor saying 18% of respondents were considering such an option.  Travelhorizons has predicted that vacations will involve shorter stays at hotels to manage costs.

Hiking and biking seems to come up as big travel ideas for saving money on trips – rather than having someone else entertain travelers, travelers will seek more and more to entertain themselves.  This is actually an advantage we on the Cape and especially Dennis tourist businesses need to capitalize on.  We have places to bike to, we have the beaches, we have places like Crowe’s Pasture for travelers to explore, we truly can promote a lower cost stay.  We just need to take advantage of what we have to offer.

Swan River

Swan River

One of the many Dennis Beaches

One of the many Dennis Beaches


Dennis Natural Resources Trail Map


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