Tourism 2009 A New Dimension

The New York Times article I discussed in my previous post provided some interesting observations on the state of tourism.  Here are a few quick hits:

  • People are staying closer to home.
  • People are staying for shorter periods of time.
  • More people are deciding whether to take a vacation at the last minute.
  • People are being more choosy about where they stay.
  • Room rates are dropping to attract travelers.
  • Amenities are being added to attract travelers.
  • Travel in some resort areas, over the winter, dropped by as much as 20%.
  • Properties available for rent (homes) have increased between 25% and 90% depending upon the market.
  • The drive-able market (from New York City) has shown some increases in demand (Vermont up 15% – 20%).
  • People who have never considered renting a home before are now considering these alternatives.

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