Condo/Hotel Survey Says

Over the past couple of months I have tried to gauge your interests in modifying the current hotel/motel zoning provisions related to interval ownership.  While these polls are clearly unscientific, they provide a sense of the visitors to this site.  The poll illustrated that 78% of those responding felt that some form of interval ownership should be considered.  With 62% feeling that the town should look towards the idea of Condo-Hotel model.

For those wondering, a Condo-Hotel model involves designating a portion of the units in a hotel for ownership by a person or entity in either an interval or outright ownership arrangement.  These condo units allow the investors in the hotel to recover a portion of their investment through out-right sales.  While maintaining a steady stream of revenue from the rooms maintained for hotel guests.

In a Condo-Hotel arrangement, a portion of the rooms are maintained for hotel use, the remaining rooms would be split between weekly, monthly or even year-round ownership.  The year-round ownership is usually a small proportion of the total units.  All of the  “owned” units are required to continue to receive full hotel services.

The goal is for a “win-win” arrangement.  The town continues to collect a rooms tax from improved rooms.  The developer gains the financial advantages of being able to sell a portion of the units to cover up-front costs.  The joint ownership arrangement provides a greater level of security that the property will also be properly maintained.

The Economic Development Committee will be reporting on some of these ideas with a future zoning amendment.


2 thoughts on “Condo/Hotel Survey Says

  1. To the Economic Development Committee,

    I have been a resident of Old Wharf Road for many years and my husband’s family for generations before. We have raised our children, have memories, contributed to the economic climate for generations and now the economic development committee feels they need room tax to displace hundreds of families. What about the landscape, mother nature has changed it over the years, but no one else has the right to distroy Old Wharf Road and the lives of the residents. Big business and greed have taken a toll on the country and now you want to do the same to Dennisport.

  2. Joanne

    Perhaps you should take the time to read the history of the area, both on this site and on the Planning Blog. In particular look over the slideshow that was presented today to over 90 of your neighbors. The Town of Dennis zoned this area for Hotels while I was just starting high school. What we have been talking about is gaining control over what could happen in this area. Greatly reducing by-right options (such as hotels which are currently a by-right use and has been since 1973). Putting most uses under Special Permit Control. In 1973 the town prohibited cottage colonies. As was discussed with your neighbors today, perhaps it is time to undo the regulatory framework that prohibits cottage colonies and RV’s. These type of land uses were actually the first land uses regulated in Dennis, stretching all the way back to 1937. The town always needs to consider what could happen next. All one has to do is look at the situation at Curtis Pines. The recent change in ownership has left the cottage owners on pins and needles about their future. We need to ensure that the future land use patterns are ones we desire. Current zoning neither protects the current uses nor provides the town with any real control over what could happen should the land owners decide change is necessary. There has been much emotion since the Cape Cod Times article did not do the town’s efforts justice. No one is trying to force out the present uses, we are solely trying to figure out what the proper use of the area should be IF the current uses are no longer viable at some point in the future.

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