Census 2010 and Economic Development

2010 Census Logo

The count of people conducted every ten years by the US Census Bureau is tied to many different funding programs.  It has been estimated that the under count in many locations after the 2000 US Census cost the under counted communities as much as $3.6 billion, or $2,913 per under counted person (PriceWaterhouseCoopers report to Congress).  This is a significant loss of funds.  Based upon the estimated levels of the under counts in 2000 Massachusetts has been identified as a state that lost entitlement funds due to an under count.

Over the next several months I will use the Planning and Economic Blogs to stress the importance of the Census and to remind people to fill out those forms when the arrive.


2 thoughts on “Census 2010 and Economic Development

  1. what is the point of this whole 2010 cenus because everbody is not going to mail it back

  2. The Census is mandated in the United States Constitution. This year the Census Bureau has attempted to simplify and reduce the amount of information collected in hopes of getting a larger return rate. Street addresses without responses will be visited by Census Takers, basically the way it was all done up to 60 years or so ago. We hope everyone will respond. The Census count is very important for state and federal revenue sharing.In 2000, the US Census counted 15,973 Dennis residents, at the same time the Town Census counted 13,837 residents. This 2,136 person difference could have cost the town between $4 and $8 million in state and federal revenue sharing if we did not have the higher Census count to work in our favor.

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