Economic Development Committee to Discuss Hotel Resort Zoning Proposal

The Dennis Economic Development Committee will be continuing its efforts to explore the Hotel Resort Zoning Proposal it has been working on for the past two years.  The next meeting will be held on Thursday November 19, 2009 at 9 am. The meeting will be held in the Downstairs Large Conference Room. The discussion will on the “Central Area Hotel Resort” portion of the Hotel Resort By-law.

Dennisport Western Section

Central Area Hotel Resort Area

This section of the proposal is the Old Wharf Road area that has generated significant discussion. By focusing on this area we will be able to fully explain the proposal, the actual extent of changes being discussed for this area, and the ramifications (if any) to the existing non-conforming uses in the area.

This meeting will be in the Large Conference Room to accommodate cottage colony tenants should they be able to attend. It will also allow us to have the meeting broadcast live and videotaped for later rebroadcast.

People who are out of town and not able to attend, will be able to watch the meeting live on their home computers at the following web address:

Hopefully this will be an engaging discussion about the future direction for this area. People should be aware that, about the only thing “cast in stone” is the existing Resort Residential Zoning that was put into place in 1973, and would remain in place should we not be able to determine how to improve the zoning for this area.

The Dennisport Design Charrette has even raised the possibility that in the Hotel Resort rezoning, that a niche be carved out that may provide some zoning status for cottages as part of the Hotel Resort efforts. I am expecting that their recommendations will provide us with some ideas that would allow an economical mix of uses and building types.

I will be posting a notice of this meeting on the Dennis Planning Department Blog as well.


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