Recapturing “Olde Cape Cod”

It has been quite the weekend. About 200 survey responses (even though Polldaddy was supposed to shut it down at 100). Town year-round residents as well as the seasonal tenants of the cottage colonies and RV parks all are very supportive of our taking a step back in time and re-thinking these seasonal resorts. The outpouring of comments, from town historic preservationists to people with no ties what-so-ever will be used to shape what-ever we do in this area.

I will tabulate the survey results tomorrow and post the results.

I know this is a very personal issue to many. Family ties to these areas run deep. Given current zoning does less to protect this area than even what the Economic Development Committee was contemplating, we will need to work on zoning that protects what people have stated they like about this area. The Board of Health will need to be engaged by the residents and owners to address DEP’s issues. We will need to identify strategies to protect/restore the dune system south of Old Wharf Road. We will need to develop standards that will allow/promote reinvestment in these structures.

Everyone needs to be aware that Camper’s Haven and Chase’s Ocean Grove lie in an area that FEMA considers at risk. While it has not expanded the flood zone, yet, they believe it is inevitable that changes will occur that will affect this area in the future.

This planning effort has led to many personal attacks. A really shoot the messenger weekend. I am sure we can all press ahead and develop a seasonal “olde Cape Cod” resort district we can all be proud of.

I will raise this issue Monday night with the Planning Board and on th 19th at the Economic Development Committee.


3 thoughts on “Recapturing “Olde Cape Cod”

  1. In 1946 my grandparents built several cottages in Chase’s Ocean Grove. Throughout my childhood and my adulthood I have been able to enjoy summers there.
    Many families from our state’s towns and cities vacation in this cottage community. These are people who prefer a little home on the beach, where they can make memories on a porch, rather than an ornate hotel. While visiting Dennis Port, they shop at the local markets and stores, go to restaurants, enjoy local entertainment — all the while contributing to the local economy.
    Over the years my family has invested thousands of dollars into the upkeep of our cottage, 90% of the supplies purchased at local hardware stores. It has been an investment of love for the past and future generations. My children love this area as much as I do, and I am sure they will continue this legacy after we are gone.
    Because our season starts in May and ends in October we continue supporting the local economy beyond what is thought of as the summer season. Most of my gardening for home and our cottage is purchased at Hart Farm. We often we do half our Christmas shopping in Dennis Port, all of my school shopping for my children is done on the Cape, and we support Holy Trinity Church throughout our season here.
    We are not transient visitors of your community; we support the communities in ways that a weekend visitor would not. In many ways we consider it our home. It seems to me you have a good thing going; why fix something that is working well?
    Our hope is that the cottage communities that Patty Page saw years ago will continue into the future for generations. This is a town treasure. This is why people from all over our state and beyond love Old Wharf Road in Dennis Port. Please protect the cottage colonies on Old Wharf Road.

  2. Although we are not in one of the “cottage colonies”, we, too love Dennis Port. Have been coming here for over 50 years; parents came to the Cape in late 1940’s, and we have been here ever since. We own a house (summer cottage) on Chase Street between Wee Packet and Sundae School (go figure!) and LOVE Old Wharf Road and the surrounding “groves” and absolutely detest the idea of any change. For those of you who know and love the area” “Snatch Alley” (no disrespect intended) is an integregal part of Dennis Port, and we want

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