2007 County Business Patterns Preliminary Dennis Data

The US Census Bureau has released some data from the 2007 County Business Patterns.  At present we have access to the total number of employers, employees and total payroll data.  The following provides a time line comparison for Dennis for 1997, 2002 and 2007.

First the Total Number of Businesses in Dennis according to the U.S Census Bureau:

1997 2002 2007
371 430 557

Businesses grew by 50% over the past decade, and 43% over the past five years.  The growth in businesses in Dennis over the past five years is significantly higher than it was during the first five years of the data collection decade (16% between 1997 and 2002).

The Total Number of People Employed In Dennis

1997 2002 2007
2,006 2,334 3,892

Employment grew faster than the number of businesses, with growth in employment in the Dennis market growing by 94% from 1997 to 2007.  This represents a strong growth for all businesses, new and old, as represented in the table below which illustrates  that the number of employees per business establishment jumped from 5.4 employees to 7.o employees for the decade, with all the growth really occurring in the last five years.

Employees Per Business Establishment

1997 2002 2007
5.4 5.4 7.0

Total Annual Payroll in Dennis

1997 2002 2007
$       35,409,000 $     55,478,000 $     126,068,000

Payroll growth in Dennis was even stronger than employment growth, over the past decade total payroll grew by 256%, with most of this growth also occurring in the past five years (163% versus 57% for the first five years of the decade).

Payroll Per Employee in Dennis

1997 2002 2007
$     17,652 $    23,769 $       32,392

Ultimately the growth in total payroll, which grew faster than total employment illustrates an increase in salaries for the workers of Dennis, with the average salary growing by 84% for the past decade.


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