County Migration Patterns – In Migration

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a wealth of data.  The more I explore their site, the more opportunities for updating the Local Comprehensive Plan I find.  Some data is at the local level, and some is at the county.  Obviously some data cannot go below the county level to protect individual privacy.  However, we can glean important information from the county data.

This post explores, based upon tax returns and claimed exemptions, the migration of people into Barnstable County.  Here are a few interesting pieces of information:

Between 2004 and 2008:

  • 30,733 people moved to the Cape;
  • These new residents had an adjusted average gross per capita income of $44,548;
  • Cape residents in general have an adjusted average gross per capita income of $33,037;
  • Over half the people who moved to the Cape, 15,142, came from within Massachusetts;
  • New residents from within Massachusetts had a higher average gross per capita income ($48,393) than those who moved from elsewhere ($41,528);
  • More people moved to the Cape from Plymouth County, MA (3,402) than from any where else in the country;
  • The highest per capita average incomes were reported by people relocating from Hartford County, CT ($153,084)
  • Three of the top five per capita average incomes for in migrants were reported for people relocating from Connecticut, (Hartford County, Fairfield County [$122,524] and Tolland County [$121,587]); one is from New Jersey (Bergen County [$129,093]) and one from Pennsylvania (Chester County [$129,167]);
  • The top three locations within Massachusetts for people to have moved to the Cape are, Plymouth County, Middlesex County (2,876), and Norfolk County (2,435);
  • The top three locations outside of Massachusetts for people to have moved to the Cape are Providence County, RI (405); Hartford County, CT (395) and Fairfield County,  CT (349);
  • Barnstable County non-migrant taxpayers, have 1.92 exemptions (surrogate for people) per tax return (surrogate for family recognizing that some families file two returns);
  • People moving to the Cape have only 1.62 exemptions per tax return – equating quite likely to smaller family sizes; and
  • People moving from Essex County New Jersey have the largest number of people per tax return (2.37), followed by Monmouth County New Jersey (1.92), and Hillsborough County, Florida (1.91).

Next, I will look at the IRS Migration Data on where people from Barnstable County are heading.


2 thoughts on “County Migration Patterns – In Migration

  1. Migration data from IRS is awesome! About 8 years ago I completed a study for the Economic Development Council in Clarksville, Tennessee. Their community has some attention-grabbing patterns due to their proximity to Fort Campbell.

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