County Migration Patterns – Leaving Cape Cod

Yesterday I posted information on County Migration Patterns for people moving to the Cape.  Today, I am providing information on where people go when they leave our peninsula.

This post explores, based upon tax returns and claimed exemptions, the out-migration of people leaving Barnstable County.  Here are a few interesting pieces of information:

Between 2004 and 2008:

  • 33,406 people left to the Cape;
  • These departing residents had an adjusted average gross per capita income of $35,486;
  • Cape residents in general have an adjusted average gross per capita income of $33,037;
  • Over half the people who moved from the Cape, 19,974, left Massachusetts;
  • Residents relocating within Massachusetts had a higher average gross per capita income ($35,835) than those who moved left the state ($35,649);
  • When leaving the Cape, the largest number of people relocated to Plymouth County, MA (3,797) than from any where else in the country;
  • The highest per capita average incomes were reported by people relocating to Collier County, FL ($108,362)
  • Three of the top five per capita average incomes for in departing residents were heading to Florida (Collier County, Indian River County [$101,220] and Palm Beach County [$70,550]); one in New Jersey (Ocean County [$83,429]) and one in South Carolina (Charleston County [$68,563]);
  • The top three locations within Massachusetts for people to move to from the Cape are, Plymouth County, Middlesex County (2,012), and Norfolk County (1,625);
  • The top three locations outside of Massachusetts for people from the Cape to move to are Collier County, FL (500); Lee County, FL (490) and Palm Beach County, FL (473);
  • Barnstable County non-migrant taxpayers, have 1.92 exemptions (surrogate for people) per tax return (surrogate for family recognizing that some families file two returns);
  • People Leaving the Cape have only 1.56 exemptions per tax return; and
  • People moving to El Paso County, Colorado have the largest number of people per tax return (2.45), followed by Osceola County, Florida (2.40), and Wake County, North Carolina (2.33).

Next, I will look at the IRS Net Migration Data.


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