County Migration Patterns – Net Impacts

Over the past two days I have posted information on County Migration Patterns for people moving to the Cape and those leaving the Cape.  This post will wrap up this discussion with a look at the net impacts of this migration.

This post explores, based upon tax returns and claimed exemptions, the net impacts of the migration of people to and from Barnstable County based upon IRS tax information.  Here are a few interesting pieces of information:

Between 2004 and 2008:

  • The County experienced a net loss of 2,673 people leaving the Cape;
  • Even with this loss of population, the net effect was an increase in total gross income of almost $181 million, meaning that those arriving on the Cape had greater incomes and spending abilities than those leaving the Cape;
  • Residents relocating to the Cape from within Massachusetts brought in a more total gross income than was taken off the Cape to other Massachusetts communities resulting in an instate net increase in income brought to the Cape of over $272 million;
  • Conversely, residents relocating between the Cape and locations outside the state of Massachusetts resulted in a net loss in total net income of almost $98 million;
  • The Cape gained population through relocation involving other Massachusetts Counties with a gain of 2,303 people;
  • The Cape lost population through relocation involving communities outside of Massachusetts with a loss of 5,186 people;
  • The three Massachusetts Counties with the largest net increase in migration to the Cape are Middlesex County (864 people), Norfolk County (810 people) and Worcester County (608 people);
  • The three Non-Massachusetts Counties with the largest net increase in migration to the Cape are Fairfield County, CT (202 people), Hartford County, CT (152 people) and Westchester County, NY (145 people);
  • The Cape lost population to Hampshire County (7 people), Franklin county (51 people), Suffolk County (206 people), and Plymouth County (395 people) inside Massachusetts;
  • Plymouth County was the largest net migration recipient of population from the Cape; and
  • The top three Non-Massachusetts Counties to gain population from the Cape were Lee County, FL (345 people), Collier County, FL (309 people) and Sarasota County, FL (261 people).

This IRS Data can be found here: SOI Tax Stats Migration Data.


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