Return of The Five and Dime

I remember as a child in Holyoke walking to Main Street to go to the Five and Dime.  It was, to a child, an amazing place.  Looking back on it the toys were quite simple, jacks, rubber balls, etc.  But they provided many necessaries as well.

Reading about them now, you find many of the comments about the old Woolworth’s stores you hear today about other low end retailers.  One thing though, that should not be overlooked, was the drawing power of these stores.  And, on Main Street, they provided customers to other stores as you could not always find what you wanted in the Five and Dime – after all not everything could be sold for just ten cents.

What does this have to do with Economic Development in Dennis?  Dennisport is soon to host the modern version of the Five and Dime – a Dollartree Store.  The Dollartree Store and the property owners will have invested nearly a million dollars into the former A&P Supermarket site by the time the store opens.  This is quite the investment on Main Street, Dennisport, especially given everything will be priced at one dollar.

As with the Five and Dime’s you will not be able to find everything for a buck, the presence of the Dollartree on Main Street should add customers to all the local businesses.


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