More on Population Migration

Recently I added three posts on population migration based upon data from the United States Internal Revenue Service.  This data provides an interesting example of a report I was also reading about population changes on the New Geography website, When Granny Comes Marching Home Again… Multi-Generational Housing.

The IRS data suggests that Barnstable County experiences about a 7.3% annual population change rate.  This being the total number of people moving into or out of an area on an annual basis.  This is actually quite low, and a lot lower than I would have guessed.  The “Granny” article noted:

This changing dynamic will alter movement of Americans, which has now been slowing down for a generation. In 1970, nearly 20 percent of Americans changed their place of residence every year. But by 2004, that figure had dropped to 14 percent, the lowest level since 1950.

This was consistent with much that I was learning in that time period.  People were actually expected to move once every five years.  At 7.3% annual change rate people are changing homes once every 13.8 years.  A real slowing of population movement in Barnstable County.

This opens up many questions.  Questions that the 2010 Census will hopefully answer.  Who is moving?  What is the age groups that are moving?  And, more importantly, who is staying put?

The census will hopefully help us gauge or long term residents.


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