Hotel Resort Zoning Update

The Dennis Economic Development Committee met today to continue its review of the Hotel Resort Zoning Proposal.  We are making significant headway towards having a proposal to submit for public hearing.  I am in the process or making the revisions from today’s meeting.  When this is complete it will be sent to those who have asked to be on the EDC’s mailing list for these Dennisport issues.  The proposal will also be placed on the Hotel Resort Tab on this blog in the near future as well.

I have been using Google Sketchup to make 3D models for the committee to review as we deal with the bulk and mass issues for the Chase Avenue area.  A couple of questions that came out of today’s discussion are:

  • Should we specifically require that all projects along Chase Avenue have pitched roofs?  We have been working with the assumption that these features would  be appropriate for the tallest structures, but not a requirement for the smaller ones.
  • Should we establish construction guidelines, similar to Dennisport and West Dennis, which prohibit blank or exposed concrete block publicly visible walls?



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