Interesting Urban Land Institute Findings

I was reading the following article from the Urban Land Institute, In Years to Come New Real Estate Development Patterns will Evolve.  At first glance, the introduction paragraph was a bit scary, less urban settlement more suburban settlement patterns.  Sounded pretty much like what has been happening for years.  But as you read on, you see trends that could be beneficial for revitalizing areas such as West Dennis or Dennisport, and, continuing to support the vitality of Dennis Village.

The good points in this study for us in Dennis.  The aging Baby Boomers looking for convenience and a town center “feel.”  These people will be looking for walkable neighborhoods with much to offer.  The next generation of Baby Boomers, the younger ones, are also thought to be drawn to areas where multiple conveniences will be available.  Again, the idea of town centers being attractive.  And, finally, the Gen-Y group, the techno oriented generation will not feel tied to any particular need to be near a big city.  Quality of Life, again being the draw to this generation.

Obviously, we are not the immediate suburbs to Boston.  We probably need to focus on the amenities that set Dennis off from Milton or Dedham.  Quality of Life items such as the beaches, vibrant and recovering villages.  Opportunities for new village oriented housing, either located in the heart of the village, or withing walking distance of both the village and the shore.

Taking this report at face value, Dennis has much to offer and a bright future if we can match our offerings to the needs of what has traditionally been our newer residents already. Well the Boomers, we still need to show the Gen-Y crowd that the Cape has much to offer to them as well.


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