Hotel Resort District Zoning Proposal Update

The Economic Development Committee met on Thursday May 20th to continue its work on the Hotel Resort Zoning Proposal.  The Committee spent significant time discussing the zoning proposal, made several final changes to the proposal and recommended changes to other related portions of the Dennis Zoning By-law.  The end result of this discussion is the Revised Draft Zoning Proposal found above.

The Revised Draft now begins to include references to other portions of the Dennis Zoning By-law that would need to be changed, as well as a proposed change to the Resort Residential Zoning District.  The proposed change to the Resort Residential Zoning District was to recommend that future hotel and motel projects in the RR District be treated on equal footing to such uses in all other sections of town.  Specifically, the Committee has recommended that these uses in the RR district be subjected to Special Permit review just like is now required of hotel and motel uses everywhere else in town, and as is proposed for hotel and motel projects that might move forward under the current zoning proposal.

Another significant change being proposed by the Economic Development Committee, which is included in the latest draft but still needs significant committee involvement, is the idea of allowing changes of use of existing floor space to support specified “accessory” type uses.

Finally, the Committee began discussions of how to proceed to Town Meeting with this proposal.  While the Committee continues its final review of this by-law proposal, the EDC is now going to also to solicit formal input and review from other Town Committees involved in the Zoning process.  This process will start with gaining input from the Zoning By-law Study Committee before formal submittal of the proposal to the Dennis Board of Selectmen for inclusion in the Town Meeting Warrant.


One thought on “Hotel Resort District Zoning Proposal Update

  1. Speaking for myself.

    #1. I think there is a tremendous risk being taken by working only on the zoning for the cottage colonies without simultaneously considering the hotel resort option. WHAT IF the zoning gets settled for the colonies and the owner decides to sell anyway. The residents are still out of luck and the town is now left with an undesirable zoning situation re: the hotels. Maybe declaring them of historical significance is the answer. I’m sure you have thought of this, maybe resources are the problem.

    #2 I can’t accept the economic significance of the residents of the cottage colonies without some data. Comments such as “…breakfast at the Steak & I” and ” …we spend a lot of money at the hardware store” don’t convince me that there is a march of consumerism except for basic needs. The other piece of missing data goes to my feeling that visitors to a hotel resort would be likely to spend more discretionary money in the local small business community.

    I have some experience with living in a summer community. Basic needs are either brought along or bought locally. There was no need nor was there a desire to leave the community for typical tourist spending.

    I’ll try to get to the next meeting but I am afraid that any of my comments along these lines would result in an “us vs them” discussion. Even though I firmly support the efforts to resolve the zoning issues re: the colonies, I can’t take the anecdotal evidence and lack of hard data.. My unsupported feeling is that the economic impact from a resort community would be greater than that which exists at present.

    Can any resident name 5 businesses that are regularly frequented? Are any of them downtown? Leave out convenience stores and restaurants; hotel dwellers would shop there anyway.

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