Some Interesting Employment Comparisons

I am working on the background data for the Local Comprehensive Plan Update.  Currently, I am gathering information for the Economic Section.  Looking at the Federal County Business Patterns information provides some interesting comparisons of how Dennis has changed over the past decade.

Total for Town 1998 2008  
Number of establishments: 533 552 3.6%
Total Employees: 3835 3732 -2.7%
Annual payroll in $1000: $ 90,898 $133,059 46.4%
Average Employee Wages $ 23,702 $ 35,654 50.4%

Between 1998 and 2008 the total number of businesses in Dennis grew by 19 establishment.  During this same time period, the total number of people employed in jobs in Dennis dropped just over 100 people.  Total payroll and average wages both increased.  A quick look against the County figures would suggest that wages increased faster in Dennis (50.4%) than for the County (40.3%).  However, in both 1998 and 2008 Dennis wages lagged behind the County.  In fact, in 2008 the average Dennis job paid $2003 less than elsewhere in the county.

In the 1998-2008 decade, Dennis lost businesses in the following sectors:

Wholesale Trade, dropping from 15 to 8 businesses in this area.  Average employment in these employers was less than 5 people per establishment.

Health Care, dropping from 40 to 38 businesses.  These was some shuffling of employment by establishment size as well, with the average size employer shifting from the under 5 employees into the 5-9 employee size.

Arts and entertainment also lost two employers (dropping from 17 to 15 establishments).  There was also a shift towards smaller employers in this segment with growth in the under 5 employees category at the expense of the 5-9 employees establishments.

Hotels and food services took the biggest hit, dropping from 112 employers to 95 over the decade.  The number of establishments dropped in all employment sizes, with the smallest establishments hit the hardest, dropping losing 9 establishments (the 10-19 employee size also dropped by 6 businesses).

Finally, Other services (excluding public administration) dropped by 8 businesses.

The fastest growing sectors included:

Educational services which grew by 250%, from 2 to 7 establishments.

Administrative Support and Waste Management/Remediation which grew by 84% from 25 to 46 businesses.

And, Information Services which grew by 75% from 8 to 14 establishments.



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