‘”Pop-Up” Public Spaces

Saw this interesting article through the Project for Public Spaces ( Cities rethink urban spaces with ‘pop-up’ projects).  It discusses a number of community activities where spaces, such as streets, have been converted, often just temporarily, into “pop-up” pubic spaces.  At first blush, you would probably think, much like I did, there is no opportunity for us to do something like this in Dennis.  But, if you think long and hard about this, you could come up with a large number of opportunities.  For instance:

Dennisport Farmers Market.  For years we have searched for the perfect location for a Farmers Market in Dennisport.  Perhaps the best location, and time, has been right under our nose.  Hall Street, could be closed one afternoon a week to serve as a Farmers Market, perhaps it could even be coordinated with the weekly concerts that occur at Mike Stacey Park.

West Dennis Concert Series.  Paula Bacon has suggested a concert series, similar to the one in Dennisport be brought to West Dennis.  The West Dennis Graded School House parking lot could easily be taken over once a week as an outdoor concert venue.  These concerts could even be coordinated with weekly arts and crafts fairs which could make use of the lawn around the school.

Mixing these “pop-up” public spaces into our village centers will provide opportunities to attract more visitors to these village areas, increase pedestrian traffic, improve local business opportunities and continue to promote Dennis as the place to be.


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