Strong Villages – East Dennis Village – Power Of Ten

East  Dennis Village Center is a quaint village settomg that does not reflect the commercial settings of those previously discussed.  The village center is clearly unique, centered around a Library and Church.  It’s tree shaded streets and historic structures provide a wonderful setting.  Much of the village center is walkable to such assets as Crowe’s Pasture and our bay side beaches.  The larger area comprising East Dennis Village includes all of the things that the Power of Ten suggests should  support a strong village.  It has a library and church anchoring the center, active recreational areas including one of the two town golf courses, several beaches and the town marina, a meeting hall within the library, a post office and numerous places to stay or eat.  The businesses in East Dennis Village serve both the needs of the local year-round residents as well as a very loyal group of visitors who return to the village year after year.

East Dennis Village is located within the Old King’s Highway Historic District.  The Old King’s Highway Historic District Commission is charged with protecting the visual character of the village.  As such, they review most building improvement plans to ensure that the structural improvements will protect the look of Old Cape Cod in the village.

The following discussion highlights some of the strengths of East Dennis Village Center.

Jacob Sears Library

The Power of Ten suggests that a strong village must have a strong central focus, including an active library.  The Village is well served by the Jacob Sears Library which provides many necessary activities for people of all ages.  The Jacob Sears Library is small, but, it provides for meeting facilities in its main room as well as other comforts for visitors to the village.

Open Spaces

  • Crowe’s Pasture

The East Dennis Village Center is located north of Quivett Creek, east of Sesuit Harbor, south of Cape Cod Bay and its public beaches and west of Crowe’s Pasture.  Crowe’s Pasture is a vast conservation area which the town worked for years to preserve.  The Pasture was dubbed in the early 2000’s as being one of the last “Great Places” on Cape Cod.  In this case, being relatively undisturbed given the intensity of development that has occurred on Cape Cod’s water’s edge.

  • Bay Side Beaches

The East Dennis Village Center area is also within walking distance to Corporation and Sea Street Beaches.  These beaches attract many visitors to East Dennis, whether simply for the day, or to stay in one of the many available rentals in the Village.

East Dennis History

The Historical Structures in East Dennis Village Center pulls you back to the days of the sea captains.  The Evangelical Church, located across the street from the Jacob Sears Library, provides a major focal point in the village and draws you into all the history that surrounds it.



Finally, The village center is simply a delight to walk, view the history, and enjoy.



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