Just Thinking And Putting Two Recent Stories Together

OpenCape will be opening up a host of opportunities in the coming two years for improved internet capabilities on Cape Cod.  Among the possibilities will be the creation of opportunities for improved WiFi services in Dennis.  We hope to see new internet providers come to town with the completion of the OpenCape construction project.

That takes me to How Wifi is Reinventing Our City Parks in Time Magazine.  This article noted how a significant number of park users never visited city parks before WiFi became available, and a significant number noted that they came to the parks because of the WiFi availability.

The OpenCape project, by improving internet speeds for all of Cape Cod will provide opportunities for towns, like Dennis, to explore the economic benefits of increasing WiFi accessibility in the parks around our village centers.

Imagine, people coming to Mike Stacey Park, or the Dennisport Pocket Park, to sit, enjoy the village, and get a little work done while doing so! Let’s hope we can all find the resources, publicly and privately to accomplish these goals.


2 thoughts on “Just Thinking And Putting Two Recent Stories Together

  1. Patty Jackson Cicchetti
    What is going on in the Town of Dennis! Why do they have so much money to throw around when it comes to a parking lot, why not reduce taxes, or use this excess money for the schools. Most of the people in this country, state, city and towns are having financial difficulties and the Town of Dennis is considering spending 4.6 million on a parking lot! Do you think that there is something wrong with those who represent us in our government!

  2. This comment is off-topic. The proper location for this comment would be in the Open Space Plan blog which deals with such issues. There are several sections of the Open Space Plan which address priorities for land acquisition of this type. When we surveyed town residents for the plan, more beaches was identified as a high priority by survey respondents.

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