Census Changes: You Heard it Here First

Yesterday the Cape Cod Times published an article related to census changes, U.S. Census: Young adults flee Cape Cod, WBUR followed up on this story, As Youth Flee And Elderly Grow Older, Cape Cod Worries.  The two stories pretty well back up what I wrote about back in May, Fun With Numbers – Actually Dennis Is Growing, During the Summer.

The Cape is losing its young people.  In Dennis, the growth is occurring in the “empty-nest” age group, not, as these articles illustrated, in the oldest age group.  As we look ahead, obviously we need to be concerned with the needs of the aging population.  However, we cannot lose focus on the need to keep our town, or make it, more balanced.  We need to listen to the young professionals who are coming to the Cape.  Find out what they need, what attracted them here if they arrived for other communities, and see how we can meet these needs.

I have started hearing some of these ideas.  Some will be more contentious than others, providing activities and facilities attractive to families with children. But they are issues we need to think about in order to attract young families back to our area.  If you have ideas as to what we should be talking about, and perhaps trying to attract to Dennis to provide a more balanced community population, leave a comment, we are updating the Local Comprehensive Plan and need your ideas.


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