Dennisport Chapter H Regulatory Review Relief UPDATE

I had a very productive meeting with the Cape Cod Commission on Thursday September 8th regarding the request for regulatory relief under Chapter H of the Commission’s Implementing Regulations.  At this stage we are ready to ask the Commission to modify its review standards for development projects in the Village of Dennisport.

The specific relief being requested is:

  • For mixed use projects increase the development review threshold to 45,000 sf provided that no commercial component may exceed 15,000 sf without triggering DRI review and provided that no residential component may exceed 30 residential units or 45 bedrooms without triggering DRI review.
  • For the change of use of existing floor space, to raise the regional review threshold from the existing 10,000 sf of floor area to 15,000 sf of floor area.

There is one parcel of significant size in the village center area located such that is splits two watershed areas, one which is considered nitrogen sensitive, the Swan Pond River Watershed. In order to ensure that redevelopment of the village center does not adversely affect this watershed, and since there are alternative locations for the site’s waste water, I am suggesting the following condition of approval of the Chapter H relief request be considered:

  • Development on Dennis Assessor’s Map 89 Parcel 28 ( 197 Upper County Road) shall locate its waste water treatment facilities on a portion of the property located outside of the Swan Pond River Watershed.

The next step are:

  • September 15, 2011 review the document one more time with the Dennis Economic Development Committee and request they ask the Planning Board and Board of Selectmen to endorse the increase in Development of Regional Impact threshold changes.
  • Planning Board holds an advertised public hearing on the request – presently targeting late October or early November.
  • Board of Selectmen vote to endorse the request – targeting late October or early November.
  • Submit to Cape Cod Commission – targeting before Thanksgiving.

The full report can be found at this link: Dennsiport Chapter H Relief Request.


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