Some Interesting Data On Economic Recovery

I saw this article today on the MSNBC newsfeed, States where workers see hiring increasing, and thought it might be interesting to look at a little bit of history. The article is based upon Gallup Poll data collection about companies planning to expand or contract their labor force.  A positive number reflects an expanding jobs situation, a negative number suggests fewer jobs.

In 2011 Massachusetts was slightly above the national average of 13.1 as we scored a 14 on the Gallup Job Creation Index.  This is the strongest the state has scored since 2008 before the recession when we had an 18, and a big jump from the -1 for the state in 2009 at the height of the recession.

An improving jobs situation bodes well for Dennis and other tourist oriented destinations.  As people return to work or move back to jobs that do not leave them “under employed,” they will start thinking about leisure time activities, and will begin returning to their summer vacation retreats.  Dennis has weathered the storm.  Just before and during these lean years we have made many changes to town zoning to encourage reinvestment in properties such as Dennisport and West Dennis Village Centers, our hotels and the cottage colony areas.  Dennis is ready to welcome economic recovery, and is poised to help businesses expand as our summer economy returns to pre-recession levels.

Additional Resources

North Dakota Workers Report Best Hiring Situation in 2011

North Dakota and Washington, D.C., Best Job Markets in 2010


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