All In A Name

At the March 15th Zoning By-law Study Committee Meeting the question arose relative to whether the name “Seasonal Resort Community” was a misnomer. It was thought that there could be a more descriptive term substituted for “seasonal” in this portion of the Zoning By-law.

In addition, there is a desire to look more closely at the uses allowed through-out town to consider which might be seasonal, and whether we should be establishing standards for their seasons as well.

I will admit that coming up with an appropriate term is challenging.  Ideas are clearly welcome.  Some initial thoughts include, “Interval” or “Vacation.” Another thought might be to drop “Seasonal” from the District name, call it simply a “Resort Community District” and maintain the standards that the use of facilities in the district are “not for permanent habitation.”

At that stage, we would perhaps establish standards for occupancy.  These would include the occupancy period currently covering the “on-season” time period in the by-law, and would open up the discussion of occupancy standards for other times of the year.

This is brainstorming time, I need your ideas.  The Zoning By-law Study Committee will meet next at 9 am on April 12th.  I would like to be able to start their discussions with a variety of ideas.


2 thoughts on “All In A Name

  1. Resort Community District sounds good. Now, how would you define “permanent”, or even “residency”? Maybe using the on-season definition would be adequate, but I’m not exactly sure what that period is; I’m assuming Memorial Day through Labor Day is the on-season time frame. IMO the season is really all of May through October and, from what I’ve seen, most snow birds actually come back in April and don’t leave until November. Have fun with this one

  2. The by-law defines the “season” as April 1st to October 31st, the properties actually open at varying times after April 1st, but all have traditionally stayed open until October 31st. But you are right, I know many people who do not head south until after either Veteran’s Day or Thanksgiving. The concept of “season” has clearly changed with the aging of our population. Many of our visitors 50 years ago had full time jobs and vacations were limited by the time period when school let out. This created an original concept of “season” as being the 10 weeks when school was not in session. As kids grew up, computers made remote working more available, and people retired, the concept of season grew. From what I see, cabin fever starts to set in around February and people want to start getting away from their homes for a few days or a week, especially during February. Accommodating this “off-season” access is what has raised the challenge as to whether the term “seasonal” is appropriate. Thanks for the feedback!

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