Selectmen Actions Related to EDC Petitions

Tuesday night’s Selectmen’s Meeting can be viewed from many different angles.  The Dennis Register took it that the Selectmen had “rejected” the two petitions from the Economic Development Committee.  That analysis is a bit too simplistic.

On the issue of allowing increased access during the off-season to facilities in the Seasonal Resort Community District, the Selectmen pretty much followed the lead of the Zoning By-law Study Committee, questioning just what determines “seasonal” and how much access in the “off-season”  is appropriate with a “seasonal” designation.  A few very good suggestions came out of this discussion including, rather than the concept of allowing a blanket of 15 days access out of any 30 day period, considering specific time periods where the properties might be accessible.  This actually is very consistent with ideas raised by the ZBSC.  It also provides a more easily enforced access restriction.  It was suggested that we look at the concept of creating windows of opportunity to use the facilities, say a week at Thanksgiving, maybe a bit more time during Christmas to New Years, and another week or ten day period in February.  These windows are consistent with the time periods the EDC has been thinking people might want to come back to Dennis all along. So, this was sent back for further refinement.

Similarly, the Village Wayfinding Sign proposal generated questions as to how involved have villages outside of Dennisport been in this discussion.  While the proposal has been distributed to everyone who showed an interest in the original crafting of the Sign Code a few years ago, no direct request for village groups to join us at the table was ever sent out.  In addition, the Selectmen asked for us to clarify or modify who the “appropriate Village Committee” is and how they would be formed.

Spring Town Meeting is always a large agenda, making sure issues coming to Town Meeting from town committees are ready to be put before Town Meeting, especially when the agenda might stretch as long as 50 items, is an important role for the Selectmen.  Thus, no one should look at the actions of Tuesday night as rejecting the efforts of the Economic Development Committee, rather it should be viewed as direction to take a little more time, consider more opinions and  bring the items back in the Fall.


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