Free Concert Day

A few weeks back I wrote about a street festival of sorts being held in Somerville, Music To My Ears – Making The Whole Community Into One Public Place.  A similar event is occurring today in New York, 1000 free concerts on the same day, see Make Music NY. Some being open jam sessions which allow anyone to join in if they play an instrument.  Imagine, for just one day turning all of Dennisport, or any other village in town, into a mass concert hall.

You say we do not have the facilities for this?  Sure we do, as in Somerville, everyone’s front porch became a concert hall. For larger attractions, we have parks, parking lots and a host of other locations that could be used.  With a little coordination, perhaps an amplified set at Mike Stacey Park, followed by acoustical performances in front of the Dennis Public Library and at the Dennisport Pocket Park.


One thought on “Free Concert Day

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