Want to Improve the Business Climate? Give People a Reason to Visit!

Stumbled across this item today, Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, and it got me to thinking…. What simple things are out there to attract people into our villages?

Can you imagine Mike Stacey Park taken over on a Saturday in the fall for the “Cape Cod Whoopie Pie Festival?”  Or, with all our local restaurants, a “Dennisport Chowder Festival?”  Or we could have a day to allow our local shellfisherman an opportunity to show off their harvest and host a “Dennis Grown Shellfish Festival?”  Or, given there are plenty of weekends available, why not a couple weekends to challenge the local imagination?

As with the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival, a small entry fee could be charged which could support village oriented projects such as the Dennisport Mural, local park improvements or to create a marketing plan for the future of the village.

And, once we have crowned our Whoopie Pie champion, perhaps we could challenge the winner in Maine….


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