Coop Market For Dennisport?

I had a phone call last week that raised the idea of another wonderful idea for Dennisport. A local resident has raised the idea of bringing a Coop Market to Dennisport.  The idea would be to use an existing storefront for essentially direct sale of local products to local consumers. It is a step beyond the farmer’s market, but it provides a centralized, staffed, local market place for local producers to sell their crops. The Coop also alleviates some of the burdens on local farmers that farmer’s markets create.

The following provide some ideas of what this could bring to Dennisport:

River Valley Coop“; “Green Fields” and “McCusker” Markets; and the “Leverett Coop“.

I think this is a great concept for Dennisport and hope we can all help the idea become a reality.



2 thoughts on “Coop Market For Dennisport?

  1. Seems like a nice idea but Dennis Port Natural Market carries most if not all of these items and has a very loyal following. What they don’t have Buckies does.

  2. Interesting since I keep hearing Dennisport needs a grocery store and most food coops meet most of those needs. Fresh milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables and even locally raised meats. I think it can fill a niche that is under-served in Dennisport unless you travel to Ring Brothers or Stop and Shop.

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