Lowe’s Update

Yesterday a two hour meeting was held with the staff of the Cape Cod Commission to introduce the Lowe’s development team to Commission staff.  The Commission planners review what will be expected of the Lowe’s across all elements of the review process. A scoping session for the Development of Regional Impact will be held after we receive the formal application from Lowe’s to start the review process.  This meeting was far more general than what would occur during the scoping session, but highlighted the critical areas the Lowe’s team needs to be aware of.  In particular, site design issues such as landscaping, storm water, lighting and green space; waste water issues; architectural issues such as building appearance, breaking up the facade elements and building materials were discussed; energy efficiency and use of alternative energy sources; and traffic circulation were all discussed.  The meeting provided some general guidance for the Lowe’s team to help them prepare for their formal application.  There is still no set timetable for the application to be filed.

The actual representatives from Lowe’s are familiar with working within the constraints of Vermont’s Act 250 upon which the Cape Cod Commission Act was based.  Several of the Commission’s Technical Bulletins have relied upon Vermont’s implementation of Act 250 as well.  This should aid the Lowe’s team with designing a project that is sensitive to the town and region’s character.


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