Dennisport Is Looking Good!

I got a chance to take a walk around the Dennisport Village Center yesterday and loved what I saw! So much new in the village!  If you have not been down there recently, it is a definite must visit!

We have all worked hard for the past decade to promote this recovery, it is great to see Main Street so vibrant!  Before you decide to take off to the Mall to do some shopping this summer, remember to check out our local businesses.  Puzzles, Toys and More has returned to the village.  The Hydrangea House, Dennis Natural Market, and The General Store all continue to draw in their long term customers.  And, now in the block that has been anchored by Buckies for the past two summers we have added an art gallery and pet boutique, with more new businesses soon to arrive.

So many great businesses to visit (I know I have not mentioned all of you).

As the saying goes, if you haven’t visited Dennisport lately, you haven’t visited Dennisport!








And do not forget to stop and see the Mural being painted on Hall Street! Just absolutely AWESOME!


One thought on “Dennisport Is Looking Good!

  1. Hopefully, Aunties’ Ice Cream Parlor will be opening shortly. They have been working 16 hour days trying to get it ready. The walls will be filled with old time Dennis Port pictures.

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