Grand Cove on Route 28 West Dennis

Two weeks ago I gave you the teaser, below are photos illustrating the progress to date on the redevelopment of the former Christine’s Nightclub.  The site is soon to become a mixed use commercial plaza containing retail and restaurant space. With the new Hummingbird Garden Center next door, this stretch of Route 28 is beginning to look better and better to those travelling along Route 28 as well as to the local businesses who have had to deal with vacant commercial properties in this location for so long.

20130408_104959 20130408_105025 20130408_105142

What the future holds:


2 thoughts on “Grand Cove on Route 28 West Dennis

  1. hello my name is carly,
    I live in walking distance of this building and have watched it develop, I was wondering which stores will be going in it? and will they be ready by summer? thanks, it looks great!

  2. Not sure who they are bringing in or when they will be opening. It has been slow leasing up, but that is because they are looking for quality, year-round businesses to come in. Hopefully now that the winter is coming to an end, they will be able to start announcing some tenants.

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