645 Main Street Dennisport

Many of you are probably wondering about what is going on at the former Karl’s Landmark property. There is a new owner. the owner is trying to attract an outdoor artisan market to the property. The concept, as described in the application and to staff, is to place a tent to the rear of  the parking lot. under this tent will be up to fifty merchant kiosks. These kiosks could range from art dealers to push carts for local merchants.

At the last discussion held with Planning, Engineering, Police and Fire, there would be a single tent in the nature of a wedding tent. While the tent sides can be lowered, the parking lot side and the side directly opposite the parking lot would allow for police visibility even when the sides are lowered.

Fencing on the site remains a contentious issue. The approved site plan for the restaurant from the mid-1990’s did not include a fence. While security fencing may be necessary for the perimeter of the outdoor artisan market area, the current enclosure of the entire site is not conducive to village cohesiveness. The nature of the fencing also precludes Police access to the rear parking area and the proposed market area. Staff has recommended changes to a portion of site fencing, these include:

  • Chain link or stockade fencing restricted to around the artisan market area and along the southerly residential boundaries;
  • Shorter, more inviting, split rail fencing along the property line withe the Library;
  • A gate to allow pedestrian access between the Library and site will be recommended;
  • The South Street driveway shall not be gated to allow Police access to the rear of the site;
  • The Route 28 driveway will be allowed to be gated after closure of the site; and
  • We are still open to suggestions regarding fencing along the Pastiche property boundary.

As there have been late night issues regarding use of the parking lot by nearby clubs, staff will recommend posting the site as being reserved for customers/employees of the property.

As we are dealing with issues related to the previously approved site plan for this property along with the proposed outdoor artisan market, many of these recommendations apply to correcting the existing site issues regardless of what might happen with  the market proposal.

The most recent site plan can be found below.



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