A Message For Those Owning Rental Property Created Through Our Affordable Housing By-law

The Town of Dennis, working with our neighbors and the Cape Cod Commission, have created a Regional Ready Renters list to help match income eligible tenants with deed restricted housing. As people with rental units with deed restrictions in place, this program will help you find income qualified tenants and save you the time and cost associated with creating your own “affirmative fair housing marketing” to locate tenants. The program will also save you from the need to ensure income qualification of tenants. The details are below:


Purpose: The Cape Cod Commission (CCC) in consultation with representatives from three participating towns (Barnstable, Dennis, and Yarmouth), developed a Regional Ready Renters Program (the “Program”) in 2011 to assist small scale affordable rental housing developments that are permitted through local affordable housing bylaws both to meet their state Affirmative Fair Housing Marketing Plan (AFHMP) requirements and also to fill vacancies in existing or newly created affordable units with income eligible tenants.

Tenant Eligibility: Tenants cannot own residential property, cannot be a family member of the Landlord, and their household’s income must be no more than 80% of the Barnstable County Area Median Income.  These limits are updated annually by U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The tenants must be certified by the CCC as Income Eligible prior to occupying an affordable apartment.  The current HUD Income Limits are:

FY2013 Limits
Household Size                      1 Person       2 Person      3 Person
80% Area Median Income   $45,100         $51,550       $58,000

Process to Fill Vacancies or New Units: Tenants must be selected through use of the Regional Ready Renters List administered by the CCC. The fee to use this list is currently $250 per unit to fill vacancies and $500 per unit for new projects of 2-5 units. Contact Michelle Springer at the CCC at 508.744.1224 or mspringer@capecodcommission.org for more information.

The CCC will contact income eligible households on the List in order to determine their interest in renting a particular unit. The CCC will provide the landlord with up to three names at a time for accessory apartments and with one name at a time for non-accessory units. If a Landlord knows of someone interested in a unit, refer them to the CCC to complete an application in order to be added to the List (at the bottom).

Tenant Selection: Please note that the CCC’s role is to determine income eligibility only; the Landlord is responsible for conducting whatever normal screening of prospective tenants that they normally do. If an applicant after seeing the unit expresses an interest in renting a unit, the CCC will conduct a final assessment of the applicant’s income eligibility to provide to the Town. The Landlord is responsible for fulfilling all other Town and State requirements that were included as part of their zoning permit; for example, annual monitoring of tenants’ rents and/or incomes may be required. Also, please note that discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, source of income, age, disability, marital status, national origin, or any other basis prohibited by law in the selection of a tenant is strictly prohibited.


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