Population Migration – New Data

Way back in 2009 I posted several times on estimated population migration patterns to and from Barnstable County based upon IRS tax return information.  Recently the United States Census Bureau released information from the American Community Survey on these trends. Later I will try to draw some county basis comparisons between the 2004-2008 IRS migration patterns and the 2007-2011 Census Bureau ones, but below is a quick highlight of where Dennis residents were moving to, or arriving from, on a year over year comparison (2010 – 2011).

People Moving Out

Approximately 6% of the 2010 Dennis population moved out of town by 2011. The largest percentage of these movers, moved elsewhere in the county (38%).  Overall 64% of those who moved, moved elsewhere in the state. After Barnstable County, the largest destination in Massachusetts for Dennis residents was Middlesex County (8%). Popular destinations for Dennis residents leaving the state included Tennessee (nearly 10%), California (5%) and Connecticut (5%).

People Moving In

Approximately 7% of the population in Dennis in 2011 was not living here in 2010. Dennis actually had about 200 more people locate in town than left town in this one year time period. As people moved from Dennis to other Barnstable County towns, so did people move from these towns into Dennis (45%). The Dennis population grew by about 150 people just from the net migration between Dennis and other Cape communities. Of the total migration of population into Dennis, 71% came from within the Commonwealth, a net growth of about 200 people which accounts for nearly all of the town’s net population growth.

From outside of Barnstable County, Dennis attracted the most people from Suffolk County, Massachusetts, about 12%, and the State of Florida, about 11%. New York was the only other significant origin of people arriving in Dennis with about 4% of all those who arrived in town coming from there.

Some Thoughts

So, what does this all mean? Quick thoughts, based upon the numbers, and the people who come into the Planning Office for home renovation projects:

  • When you look beyond Barnstable County, we attract a number of people from the Boston and New York areas who make their seasonal homes in Dennis into their retirement homes.
  • The in-migration from Florida (nearly 80 people) is more reflective of the continuing economic situation in Florida, which is lagging behind the national economic recovery.
  • While economic and educational attainment data was also released for these migration patterns (which I have not yet tried to digest), age group information would be very useful. We do not know if we are receiving an older population and losing younger people based upon this information.

Overall, the Dennis population was more mobile than the nation for the same time period. Nationally, county to county migration rates have fallen below 4%, migration between Dennis and non-Barnstable origins and destinations was about 7.5%.


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