Five retail trends to watch in 2014 – The Washington Post

Thanks to the Cecil Group for tweeting this interesting article.

Five retail trends to watch in 2014 – The Washington Post.

A few highlights for our village centers:

Fitness Centers are now huge in retail destinations.  Why? Because you can shop from home, but whether it is yoga (Power Yoga of Cape Cod in Dennis Port) or the downsized fit clubs, people need to travel to these sites to gain full benefit. I would add music lessons are quite an attraction as well with weekly returns (West Bend Music in Dennis Port).

Go Mobile. To compete with shopping centers, malls and large retailers, downtown needs to embrace new technology. Area shops need to look into developing apps, taking advantage of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or developing QR codes to be included at the stores and in advertising.

More attractions. From what I have been told, Dennis Port will be hosting an increased number of summer concerts this year. These attractions bring in customers. We need to keep this momentum growing. Street fairs were successful in Hyannis, perhaps we need to give that a go as well.

These are just a few things to promote about our villages to keep ahead of the retail curve. Patriot’s Square does a good job advertising itself as a single entity, Dennis Port, West Dennis and Dennis Village need to do the same.


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