Night Shift Brewing Undergoing Massive Expansion

Beer brewing is becoming big business. Dennis will soon join the microbrewery revolution. Devil’s Purse Microbrewery will appear before the Planning Board March 17th for a Site Plan Review. They should be able to open their doors some time later this year.


5 thoughts on “Night Shift Brewing Undergoing Massive Expansion

  1. Dan,
    I read the magazine, but I couldn’t find any story on this brewery. What location are they looking at ?

  2. The story is not about the one in Dennis, I just was using this one’s success to highlight our entry into this area of economic development. This one, and we might get a second, will be located on Great Western Road in the building with the bike rental business. We have had an inquiry from another interested in land around Gage’s Way and Theo Smith Road. Devil’s Purse could become a nice tie in for one of our restaurants in town. Think of it, go out for dinner and have shellfish from Crowe’s Pasture, vegetables from a local farm and a local brew. Nice self-sustaining local economy!

  3. I had my hopes up for next to the Dollar Store. If we can only get a quality tenant in that empty space the economy of downtown and the entire town would really benefit. Within a little over a one block walk from this empty storefront would be 4 restaurants in Dennis Port ( BZ’s, Red Nun, Oyster Company and the Main St. Depot or South St. Depot located at the old Egg & I. I won’t even mention the 2 restaurants just over the line West Harwich.
    Then there is good old Buckie’s open 12 hours a day, 365 days a year.
    With the Village Green, H.J.T. and all the other businesses in the area, this is prime real estate.

  4. The landlord has a potential tenant for that space. They are still working out some details. It might need to even expand the building slightly to accommodate their needs. If it occurs, it will fill a big void in Dennis Port. Keep your fingers crossed.

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