Heritage Sands – Beginning To Come Together

The new Seasonal Resort Community named Heritage Sands is beginning to come together.With as many as 50 local contractors working on the site each day, the new seasonal cottages are beginning to take shape.

First, the cottages arrive on flat bed trucks, looking like a caravan, ready to be assembled.

IMG_0199 (640x480)


IMG_0197 (640x480)

After footings and foundations are in place,

IMG_0191 (640x480) IMG_0211 (640x480) IMG_0216 (640x480)

Then the cottages are placed onto the foundations, secured into place, and siding installed.


IMG_0185 (640x480)

IMG_0192 (640x480)

The waste water system components are in the ground, and the building that will house the treatment plant is coming together.

IMG_0203 (640x480)IMG_0196 (640x480)

Still a few boundary fencing decisions to be made along the Longell Road boundary and getting some landscaping into place. But it is all coming together.

Right now there are 17 units spoken for from Phase I. Occupancy of the first units are targeted for late April.



8 thoughts on “Heritage Sands – Beginning To Come Together

  1. Thanks for the update. It’s been a long wait but it does seem to be coming together.
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  2. No only is this project “coming together,” but it is also blowing all over the place. Please post some pictures of how all the dune grass on the beach, as well as the sand on Haigis Beach, has been THOROUGHLY covered over by what the MA DEP terms “fugitive dust.” This is not indigenous sand that is simply windblown. This is the dirt that has been trucked onto this site and left unstabilized since Day One. At what point will the town enforce the DEP laws that require stabilization? As the state will tell you (http://www.mass.gov/eea/docs/dep/water/esfull.pdf) “Bales located along the top of a ridge serve no useful purpose, except to mark limits of a construction area.” And they are only to be used for less than three months. If nothing else, any owners of these so-called “cottages” will certainly enjoy seeing 8 acres of unstablized dirt and fill mess up any view of the “cottage” next door.

  3. Bryan, the Building, Engineering and Natural Resources Departments have all been on the site many times over the past several months. You can visit the Building Department to review the written record which includes exchanges with the land owner as well as several neighbors to the project.

  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. Post a picture of the damage done within the 100 foot zone established by the Conservation Commission. And show their failure to protect those dunes.

  5. Again, check with Natural Resources regarding any concerns you may have. Over the past several months they have investigated complaints and they have made their own determinations on these.

  6. Again, no one in town is enforcing these things. Neighbors have been “checking” with the right along. All you need to prove me wrong is to post a picture of those dunes and beaches to show that nothing has changed. You can’t do that without showing that the dune grass IS thoroughly covered, so you keep avoiding the issue. Show the town ALL of what is going on at that site and not just your self-serving pronouncements and photos. If not, then everyone in town is invited to Haigis Beach to see for themselves how the dune grass at the neighboring beach has been THOROUGHLY buried by the dirt that has been transported to that site and that has not been covered or stabilized as the state says it must.
    7.09 U Dust, Odor, Construction, and Demolition
    (3) No person responsible for an area where construction or demolition has taken place shall cause, suffer, allow, or permit particulate emissions therefrom to cause or contribute to a condition of air pollution by failure to seed, pave, cover, wet, or otherwise treat said area to prevent excessive emissions of particulate matter.
    SHOW those few people who read your blog exactly what has happened to those dunes and explain how it is that nothing effective is being done to protect them.
    You cannot do that, because that does not fit your PR campaign self-promoting all the wonderful things you claim to be doing.

  7. Bryan

    The neighbors have filed a number of complaints. The various departments have responded, done inspections and made determinations. The drainage system in the street has failed. While it had some issues prior to this project, it has been determined that the property owner will be held responsible for repairing it upon completion of site work. The property owner was placing all the infrastructure in place over the past several months. They now that the site has been graded, and septic and other infrastructure are in place a cover crop is to be planted to hold sand in place per the state guidelines.

  8. And what is the determination about the destruction of the dunes and the non-compliance with the conditions set out by the Dennis Conservation Commission? Has there been any fine levied? As anyone can see in person or if a photo had been posted, the developer’s attempt to control the sands failed. Period. Are they going to be responsible for cleaning up the parking lot at Haigis Beach of all this imported sand? And will they be replacing the dirt blown onto the town beach with legitimate beach sand?
    Same for the dirt that now covers the beach that was Grindell’s. Does anyone on the Conservation Commission even know about this? What have they determined? While greedy little people in “downtown” Dennisport are all excited that some of these 65 families might spend a nickel or two on Main Street, life along Old Wharf Road is entering its second full season of unabated dust and dirt.

    And speaking of the season, has any manager’s unit yet been constructed? If not, can these houses be occupied without a manager on site?

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