Welcome to Dennis MA Economic Development Blog.  This Blog seeks to promote economic growth in the town.  The Blog will focus attention on town demographics, commercial zoning opportunities, and individual sites available for development and redevelopment.  The site will provide information to help you decide to bring your business to Dennis.

If you have comments or thoughts about how we can promote Dennis as an economic center please give us your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. As Town Planner, are you also concerned with ‘quality of life issues’ of the town residents? Do you sponsor a web site/forum that addresses this issue? Are you concerned that focusing only on economic development issues and ignoring unintended consequences of development might be short-sighted? Is there any town employees or town positions that are promoting resident ‘quality of life’ ?

  2. As Town Planner I wear many hats. I have worked closely with other town officials on such preservation efforts as the Quivet Neck/Crowe’s Pasture DCPC, preserving Sea View Park, and Bass River Park. I have taken the lead role in drafting the town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan and the Dennis Local Comprehensive Plan. Affordable housing and economic development also fall into my purview. Much that has occurred in bringing Downtown Dennis Port back to a flourishing destination has happened in my tenure here. I have several blogs dedicated to particular focus areas. This blog focuses on economic issues. “Quality of life” is a broad topic that crosses all sectors of a community. Excessive restrictions on vessel activity, will affect someones life as much as too much vessel traffic. As we work on the harbor, much as we have many other items, we will strive to find a balance.

  3. As Town Planner, how will you ensure public officers do not profit- directly or indirectly- from any rezoning efforts?

  4. Every zoning issue, every open space acquisition impacts everyone in the community financially in some way. The world is about checks and balances. As introduced on Thursday, the Economic Development Committee has about as little personal interest in Sesuit Habor as you will find in Dennis. In my 13 years in Dennis, I have found the officials in town to be very above board when personal interests might place them in a position of conflict. I have no reason to believe that this will be any different with our harbor efforts.

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